Smoking Policy

It is recognised that everyone makes a personal choice whether to smoke or not. But the fact is that smoking and second hand smoke can cause irreversible and irreparable damage to the body. Therefore, in applying the principles of Health, Safety and the Environment, smoking is not permitted in any public area, including:
  • Any permanent and/or temporary offices, accommodations or hallways.
  • Common areas such as kitchens, pantries, galleys, recreation rooms, etc.;
  • Storerooms or warehouses
  • First Aid Clinics
  • Mechanical or Electrical Spaces
  • Any areas designated by the senior person(s) in charge.

Where smoking is permitted, it shall be clearly indicated as a designated smoking area. It is the responsibility of employees utilizing any designated smoking areas to ensure its general cleanliness and upkeep at all times. It is also their responsibility in ensuring that no cigarette butts remain lit, which may lead to a fire.