Our mission is to provide quality services, technological leadership and engineering excellence that adds value to our customers. We are highly experienced TEAM of electrical engineering professionals and competent individuals.


To be a dynamic and world class electrical power contractor and engineering services committed to be a reliable and responsible company. We strive to excel in delivering total integrated engineering solutions to our customers and commitment to lifelong learning. To follow God’s will in sharing the company resources; thru employment, training, benefits and compensations to all stakeholders.


Provide Quality system product and services

Promote good engineering and design practices and workmanship

Impact Technical and Management skills to stakeholders and partners

Prioritizing of the use local goods and work forces

Promote energy conservation and efficiency through innovation

Continuously improve human capital through apprenticeship and collaboration

Maintain Company integrity and competitiveness in the business environment





PHILCORE SS Power is a full service electrical engineering firm, that engages in both outdoor, indoor major and minor electrical projects across Philippines and in the region. PHILCORE SS Power is also providing consultation and management services in the field of power protection. The organization is also recognized supplier and dealer for various electrical accessories. Driven by the commitment to deliver excellence in quality and services complimented by the principles of winning together, constantly challenging ourselves and settling for nothing less than excellence.