Safehouse Pressurized Habitat

PHILCORE primary offer is the only fully ATEX certified hot work habitat in the world, which is the SAFEHOUSE Habitat, an engineered solution that allows hot work to take place in hazardous Zone 1 and 2 without the need for a production shut-down. It manages and mitigates the risk of catastrophic incidents, such as fire and explosion, by providing fully certified technology that:

    • Reduces Risk and improves process safety
    • Optimizes cost
    • Extends asset life and improves integrity
    • Maintain production targets
We also offer 2 additional services
  • ATEX CERTIFIED SAFECOOL (Air molding unit) which makes cool workplace.
  • ATEX CERTIFIED SAFEHEAT (Controlled answer for chilly working atmospheres) which warms the zone kills introduction to cool and keeps the specialists agreeable and gainful.