Water Treatment Plants


1. Exyte -Micron Fab 10A

Micron already operates two 300-mm 3D NAND facilities in Singapore called Fab 10N and Fab 10X, which were built earlier this decade. These plants currently produce the lion’s share of Micron’s NAND flash memory. The new semiconductor production facility represents the third phase of Micron’s Fab 10 expansion and will be located adjacent to the existing complexes. The new plant will be built on a 165,000 m2 land plot at North Coast Drive. Just to put the number in context, the Fab 10N (the first module of the manufacturing complex) was built on a 200,000 m2 land plot, its cleanroom space was over 24,000 m2. Micron does not specify the size of the cleanroom space in the new facility for competitive reasons.


1. Saipem / Ogas Solutions – Kaombo Norte FPSO Project

Sembawang, Singapore, Kaombo Field Development Project, at Block 32, offshore Angola, commissioning activities of converted turret-moored Floating Production Storage and Offloading units (FPSO). In charge for commissioning at E-House, Living Quarter, Internal & External of AFT, Turret and Process Area.

2. Exxon-Mobil Refinery SCP- Singapore Butyl and Adhesion (SBA) / EMRE

Jurong Island, Singapore, Aurora EOS Plant – Flare, Cooling Water/Tower, Boilers, 2x11kV Propylene & Ethylene Compressors, Testing and Commission 2-Huge Substations SS420/SS421 feed from SS400 of SME with 4-33/6kV Power Transformer, 2-33/11kV Transformers for 2 compressor motor; 16x2MVA, 6/0.433KV Distribution Transformer and NGR’s. Switchgears, MCC’s and Turn Around Power Center, Essential and Auxillary Panel; UPS and DC Panel.

3. BLNG/DES – Shell Brunei Sdn Bhd – Cogen II / MCD

Lumut Negara Brunei Darussalam – Two new GTG’s (GTG 9109 and 9110) and 11 kV Station Supply including BLNG DES#3 feeder re-location; Electrical distribution Infrastracture for 3 nos. new-WHBs, Transfer of BLNG DES#1&2 supply to new DES 66 kV GIS, Demolition and modification work. All instrumentation and control works from installation, testing, commissioning to hand over of all system within the overall RFSU schedule.

4. Shell – Ethelyne Cracking Complex Debottlenecking & Flare Rejuvenation / TEC 

Pulau Bukom & Pulau Ular Singapore – Revamp Works, inspection and testing of all electrical and instrument installation to be ready before Turn-Around (TA) and Tie-In of equipment during Shutdown start. Rehabilitation & supply of 3 Steam Turbine compressors, additional 2 furnace.

5. EVONIK Methionine (Me5) / JES

Jurong Island Singapore – Operation and Social Building – TOP, Chemical Warehouse and Maintenance Building – TOP. LV Switchboard inspects, test and commission. Instruments cabinet, power distribution panel and initialize power to DCS. Energized Battery bank, UPS System and distribution panel.

6. Exxon-Mobil Refinery – Singapore Hydro-desulfurization (SHDS) / EMRE

Jurong Island, Singapore –2×14/18MVA, 33/6.6KV Power Transformers and 6 Distribution Transformers, NGR’s, Switchgears and MCC’s- Substation Construction/Commission. Flare, Gas Oil Fractionator, Cooling Tower, Hydrogen Plant, Mono Ethanol Amine, Sulphur Recovery Unit, Salt Water Return/Supply, and Hydro-Desulfurization Plant with earthing, lightning protection, compressors, motors, lightings and small power.

7. Exxon-Mobil Refinery SCP- SPT Power & Utilities / SHAW

Jurong Island, Singapore, SPT SOR & Utilities – Flare, Cooling Water/Tower, Boiler3/4, Compressors, Testing and Commission 2-GE Gas Turbine Electrical Generators, 2x150MVA, 15/137KV Generator Step-Up Transformer, Auxiliary Transformer and controls. 4 – E-House-Substations SS220/SS221/SS222/SS223 with 8x15MVA, 33/6.3KV Distribution Transformer; 16×2.785MVA, 33/0.433KV Distribution Transformer and NGR’s. Switchgears, MCC’s and 3 Emergency Generators.

8. ExxonMobil-SPT Sar-X&DIB / FWAPAC -Refinery Unit and E-House-substation construction/commission

Jurong Island Highway, Singapore, SPT ExxonMobil, E-House-Powell-Power Substation SS240, Generator VGEN01, Remote Control Room (RIE22) and electrical controls including electrical network monitoring system.

9. Houdini-Shell Mono Ethylene Glycol Plant / FWAPAC – Complex Power & Utility Construction

Jurong Island, Singapore, 33KV E-House (AREVA/ABB) Substation Construction/Commission, LV Power Substation, Control Room, Tank Farm, Chiller, Cooling tower, flare.

10. Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd – Saturn Project / YH

50 Jurong Island Highway, Singapore, Provide a storage facility to safely secure all their natural gas products. Lead the design coordination from consultants/engineers, clients’ project representatives and the statutory/authority agencies for the establishment of the design deliverables requirements for submission and execution.

11. Lucite Alpha 1 International / ABB

Jurong Island, Singapore, Power works: construction and commissioning of electrical power substations, transmission lines and supply. A state of the art for the first in Asia to use Intelligent Switchgear (ABB MNS-i’s) supervisory control and monitoring of electrical power system.

12. Huntsman ‘Jau-R’ Singapore Pte Ltd / ABB – Jurong Island, Singapore, Power works:

Electrical works and total power supply including 22KV substation, LV substation and motor control centers (MCCs) for chemical complex.

13. C3D-Changi Water Treatment / ABB

Changi, Singapore, Power works: Electrical substation and total plan electrical supply for construction, testing and commissioning of MCCs, MV/LV Switchgear and controls.

14. VISHAY INC. / AMII – Semicon Company

Taguig City, Philippines. Supplied and Installation of 2MVA 34/0.4kV Substation including commissioning and governmental licensing/permitting.


Zamboanga City, Philippines. Power works: Supply and installation of 1.5 MVA 13.2/0.4 Substation, phasing of transmission line and supply of disconnect switch. Delivery on expected time, logistics and mounting of all equipment on a five-storey Mall.

16. SONEDCO / AMII – Power Utility

Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Supply and install of electrical power bus duct from existing switchgear to new additional installed switchgear.

17. GTB Davao / AMII

Davao City, Philippines. Power works: Supply of 138 kV SF6 Circuit Breaker and other accessories includes disconnect switch with fabricated linkages to suit the phasing of transmission orientation.

18. South Cotabato II Electric Coop. (SOCOTECO II) / AMII

South Cotabato, Philippines. Supply and Installation 69 kV Disconnect switch.

19. Globe Telecom / AMII

Valero, Makati City, Philippines. Power work: Supply and installation of 22 units of VRC Capacitor banks for Power Factor Correction. Build/Commission/support operation for 6 months.

20. FTI- Processing / AMII

Taguig City, Philippines. Power work: Supply and installation of 34.5kV Load Break Switch.

21. JGC-Ethylene, H2/N2 Refinery / MEC

Batangas City, Philippines. 34.5kV LVSG Supply & Installation on existing chemical plant.

22. SM Mall of Asia/ MEC

Pasay City, Philippines. Power works: 34.5/5KV LVSG and ATS, MCC, Capacitor Bank. Includes the lifting of equipment to 4th storey building. Mounting, installation, FAT/SAT, coordinate start-up and commissioning.

23. Don Pedro Azucarera / MEC

– Batangas City, Philippines. Power works: 34.5KV MVSG Indoor installation and supply. This includes assistant for commissioning.

24. Petron Bataan Oil & Gas Refinery / MEC

Limay, Bataan, Philippines. 230/69/5KV Substation, HVSG, LVSGsupply and installation. Design of substation, coordination with power utility main supplier for protection and standards installation.

25. Cagayan I Electric Coop, Inc. (CAGELCO I) / PSI

Solana, Cagayan, Philippines. New Supply & Installation of Utility Substation – 15MVA, 69/13.8KV Power Transformer, New SF6 PCB, DS, CT,PT LA and MVSG including sending transmission line.

26. Quezelco II Electric Coop, Inc. (QUEZELCO II) / PSI

Infanta, Quezon, Philippines. New Supply & Installation of Utility Substation – 5MVA69/13.8KV Power Transformer, Switchgear and Protection. Rehabilitation for a week was made after “Typhoon Winnie” hit the vicinity. It was restored and returned to normal operation right after.

27. Texas Instrument-CIGI / PSI

Tipi, PEZA-Baguio, Philippines. Electrical System for NGM-38. To facilitate electrical power system to use on the upgrading for the plant production of semiconductor.

28. Marinduque Electric Coop, Inc. (MARELCO) / PSI

Torrijos, Marinduque, Philippines. 5MVA Substation, New Supply & Installation of Transformer and New SF6 PCB, DS, CT,PT LA, MVSG

29. Zambales II Electric Coop, Inc. (ZAMECO II) / PSI

San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines. 5MVA Substation, Rehabilitation of Transformer and New SF6 PCB, DS, CT,PT LA, Switchgear

30. Aklan Electric Coop, Inc. (AKELCO) / PSI

Kalibo, Andagao Aklan, Philippines. 10MVA Substation, New Supply & Installation of Transformer, Lightning Arrester, Disconnector Switch, Current Transformer, Potential Transformer, SF6 Power Circuit Breaker, Switchgear, Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Protection Relay and Metering.