Drug, Alcohol & Substance Abuse Policy

In our drive to achieve a healthy and productive workforce and a safe working environment, it is the company policy to enforce strictly the following on the use, possession and sales of drugs, alcohol and other illegal substance by all employees and sub‐contractors whilst on company business, on company/client locations and worksites.

  • The company, at its discretion, will request testing for drug use prior to employment.
  • All employees and sub‐contractors are prohibited from being at work or at company/client locations or worksites while impaired or in possession of drugs, alcohol or other substances.
  • The company and/or client shall have the right to conduct random testing or may request testing to any personnel who is suspected to be under the influence of drug, alcohol or other substance. Any personnel tested positive for substance abuse or who refuse to be tested, shall be removed immediately from the company/client location and will be ground for disciplinary action up to or including dismissal without compensation.

Employee or sub‐contractor knowing the violation of the policy by any other personnel is required to report the case to their line manager immediately. The company encourages voluntary disclosure and will take steps to source help, advice and, if necessary, treatment for the employee from appropriate government bodies.